רעמה -ă-măh

give us your theories, all of them
even the ones that many think are insane
have you learned to communicate with your disabled yet?
at some level of abstraction in the mind, everybody is equal
literally any thing which is a body possesses a mind
by virtue of the universal ascription of mind
all of these are examples of strange ideas
not bad ideas necessarily but strange ones
not impossible ideas but very new oneslike
very itself emergences of the written word 
or discovering why the second t in written
is because it was poetically and not economically feasible
so let us remember at all costs that all of these ideas are hypothetical
because if even one of us forgets that this whole operation will go boom
for this reason i am keeping this region as approve-first
because this is a school for us spiritual infants
we will be exploring some scary hypothetical territory
building our courage in understanding of the world by walking in thought
if there are adventurous souls who would wish to become approvers
the only current avenue is to get me to trust you to give youmy password
for that to happen you will either have to fool me or befriend me
if neither of those options are sailable you can submit here or below v>

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