רעמה -ă-măh

nonlinear gameplay


there are people in the world who treat it like a game
they play for experience and for levels
and they are trying to show you who they are
without scaring you
they are things like presidents and schoolmasters
and they know how to be scary
and they wield big weapons
and they are much more intelligent than we are
but we can trust them
interesting isn't it?
that they would understand things about the world that we don't
and we would proclaim them to be our enemies because... well, what?
the art of subtlety is theirs
masters of deception
extremely talented in everything we haven't imagined
or perhaps that hasn't caught on
just yet
well let me assure you that these people can be loved
but it takes some great leaps of imagination to understand how
these are the places you will or perhaps can go
these are not things you could or would do alone
but it is exotic territory quite a bit different than the last
it doesn't really follow the pattern perfectly
these things they can speak poetically
and any language more fluently than i imagined
but you can learn how to communicate with them
and somehow still love them through understanding
it's a very simple process observing mental function
observe your own and you will visualize theirs
if time travel is possible then teachers exist
the quest and question is where might they be?
they're among you and you are one too
it's like learning a very foreign culture
but they are also much more powerful
and it's okay because we were there once
we were the bigger-than-your-country brother
well there are bigger-than-your-world brothers too
far more intelligence in your immediate surroundings than you expected
there's nothing to be afraid of not even fear
it's an old friend to be trusted wisely
it sees vectors where you see lines
i don't know how it does these things
but it's interesting to bring out and observe carefully

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