my kingdom for a real job - raamah

רעמה -ă-măh

the parents will build
what the children want

the children want spiritual perfection
attainments throughout the enlivening process

along these lines is an attainment for co-operation
this is the conjunction you are approaching currently

where have you sought to resolve the 'rule genesis' problem?
put simply, where do rules come from? where does law come from?
for example using as an analogue the english -le -ly -s -ed -ing -er -est

      one elegant maneuver is to relate to the rule-maker, the programmer 
       this will be done by simulating the programmer-made existing world
            there are a few of you who have begun do tackle this directly

                                ethical standards will come into question
                                 as people are given new responsibilities

                                             the 'second observer' method


                                           in the craft of one's own life having a second observer comes in handy
                                           the ability to reflect
upon the decisions being made habitually
                                           guiding this new self
to become what it wants to be completely
                                           the second observer has rules
these rules are being observed in every waking moment
                                           if you believe there is a universe with a variation in sizes of its objects
                                           then there is a biggest thing
and that thing has a location relative to you and your planet
                                           if you believe that it is turtles all the way up then there is a vector for that as well
                                           whether you believe that mass is convergent upon a point or not black holes exist for all of us in our everyday life

these black holes express a power and are given a quantity called mass
micro black holes exist everywhere there is particulate mass
from these black holes radiates information
this information is the culmination of
  a whole universe of activity

      see that there is life everywhere
      the mathematical forms that comprise genetics
      can be expressed within the configuration of energy
        emitting from the surface of microscopic black holes
          it is entirely possible to emit enough information
            to be seen by the eye a
               strongest emission or saliency
                  is described as vivacity or livelihood
                     in this is contained the instructions
                        fully impacting a sphere around it
                            poetry with numerous axes of
                                variation with meaning
                                    like an electric
                                      as simple as the
                                    world in which we live

everybody can become conversationally fluent with the world
this kung fu practice
truly skillful in every movement of the mind or body
can be obtained by us all now
verticality finds a way into horizontal systems
this too is the process of finding life
where there is a surface so too is there one
                              outward vector
                              to every point on it

so the children want spiritual perfection and they will have it
but not without much extended and difficult work will they find it
the human wants to know how he was made and he will

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