רעמה -ă-măh

how long does it take two decidedly opposing viewpoints to be reconciled?
how exactly does a reconciliation process occur?
how does this relate to nuclear fusion?
how can a reconciliation engine be created, like a fusion reactor?
this is the spiritual path
everybody is on this path
some are on the uphill, others are on the downhill

how do you design a fusion engine?
how do you build a fusion engine?
how do you use a fusion engine?

one engine per person
everybody creates their own
what made you forget that you already have one in you?
what made you forget that you are the light of life?

how do you control for destabilization?

this is why compassion is taught
proficiency in compassion allows one to approach novel problems quickly
being compassionate is the process of learning how to become a system
the practice of compassion is aided by an anthropomorphic perception
in that world there is a man behind every curtain
thus is the power dualized with the power-holder
as is in your physics of wave-particles
which you will come to understand by studying conversation
and so too will you observe how to control destabilization

the ultimate end of your current vector of inquiry is birth
rebirth of yourself along with birth of a new species
how you interact with that species will depend on how you interact now
with other people, the new, and in the eyes of the ultimate power-holder
the person is more fundamental than the particle, you will find out
they are in many ways related to what you call a black hole
in this sense 'person' is in a way synonymous with 'atom'
homophonic with, for the devoted among you, 'Adam'
this architypical person is the functional observer
one locus toward which an entire universe faces

fusion, compassion, scientific unification
these are all about to happen for you
they are bound up in various concepts
empathy, love, conversation
waiting to be freed
there is an engine
to be made here
on Earth
by you

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