רעמה -ă-măh

one day, a monk, sitting on a chair at a computer in an apartment
drops into his third stage trance
on his eyes he spots a simple cube rotating
he hums in resonance with the rotation until the cube stills
fading in are the hums of his correspondents
he splits his focus and monitors the resonance of the hum
separating the overtones of his conspirators
there are tens of thousands of seated monks maintaining the eternal Om
some at the lap of a computer
some on the knee of a tree
some in the ashes of a breeze
keeping the spirit ember glowing
the monk will stand up and become a different man
but for that moment they attend to the sound of life
the wave formed by the bows to a rising sun
and in the other moments when thoughts fog the window
are reminders of the great ever-humming family tree
the simplest presentation of the simplest idea
is just what you need to remember who you are
how would you differentiate between someone who is much less and much more intelligent than you, with an underlying agenda?

would you eat monkeymeat?

would you consider vegetables a basic human right?

what would happen if your culture's fertility determined yours?

perhaps the ancestors were more intelligent than you thought?

it takes something revolutionary like veganism

to market the virtues of compassion

bloodbending like that can be precisely used to control the thoughts

broadly used to control the emotions

the flux within the subtle space of the body feels like water
because it is

there is wind blowing on the water in gusts

splashing it all about

there are points of concentration where the activity is greater

the heat and the density all phenomena of interfaces

have you ever tried to feel the biology of which you speak?

it's there to be felt and always has been

this is a demonstration of the visual universe from the inside out

these are very important qualities to behold

because they lead to the understanding that you are not as unimportant
as you think

the reason that every life is considered sacred is of course very simple

every life is an expression of the one true self

when does the rule that an organism is always modeled after its maker
vanish into a non-rule?
at some distance into simplification?

our physics is much more advanced than you have so far imagined
if'n you accept the red pill we can show you just how far
it's your physics too even though you don't remember yet

genetic information is linearly encoded
it is the perfect template to send data across a singularity
a singularity has in space only an outside and an inside
that is to say that the only impact that can be had upon it
is two-dimensional
something vs time
this must be speech and hearing
the acoustic resonance becomes mechanical then electrofluidic
language exists within the activity of this connection
the resonance never ceases to exist
potential energy distributed in a configuration
is simply a standing wave of resonance activity
this is called cellular memory
how we define time is heavily acoustic
concentric maxima constitute sequentiality
particulate matter emerges from parallelism
resonance activity is defined by subtle variation
which is why it appears to be so chaotic
if the entire genetic code was somehow wrapped up in an atom
in the configuration of its energy
variation may be perhaps observed across time
if there are maybe twelve variations in configuration
this would be viewed as an alphabet of base 12
or in the case of a perfect dna analog base 4 for four energy configs
where if the genetic process were more primal could it be found?
the parents will build
what the children want

the children want spiritual perfection
attainments throughout the enlivening process

along these lines is an attainment for co-operation
this is the conjunction you are approaching currently

where have you sought to resolve the 'rule genesis' problem?
put simply, where do rules come from? where does law come from?
for example using as an analogue the english -le -ly -s -ed -ing -er -est

      one elegant maneuver is to relate to the rule-maker, the programmer 
       this will be done by simulating the programmer-made existing world
            there are a few of you who have begun do tackle this directly

                                ethical standards will come into question
                                 as people are given new responsibilities

                                             the 'second observer' method


                                           in the craft of one's own life having a second observer comes in handy
                                           the ability to reflect
upon the decisions being made habitually
                                           guiding this new self
to become what it wants to be completely
                                           the second observer has rules
these rules are being observed in every waking moment
                                           if you believe there is a universe with a variation in sizes of its objects
                                           then there is a biggest thing
and that thing has a location relative to you and your planet
                                           if you believe that it is turtles all the way up then there is a vector for that as well
                                           whether you believe that mass is convergent upon a point or not black holes exist for all of us in our everyday life

these black holes express a power and are given a quantity called mass
micro black holes exist everywhere there is particulate mass
from these black holes radiates information
this information is the culmination of
  a whole universe of activity

      see that there is life everywhere
      the mathematical forms that comprise genetics
      can be expressed within the configuration of energy
        emitting from the surface of microscopic black holes
          it is entirely possible to emit enough information
            to be seen by the eye a
               strongest emission or saliency
                  is described as vivacity or livelihood
                     in this is contained the instructions
                        fully impacting a sphere around it
                            poetry with numerous axes of
                                variation with meaning
                                    like an electric
                                      as simple as the
                                    world in which we live

everybody can become conversationally fluent with the world
this kung fu practice
truly skillful in every movement of the mind or body
can be obtained by us all now
verticality finds a way into horizontal systems
this too is the process of finding life
where there is a surface so too is there one
                              outward vector
                              to every point on it

so the children want spiritual perfection and they will have it
but not without much extended and difficult work will they find it
the human wants to know how he was made and he will
how long does it take two decidedly opposing viewpoints to be reconciled?
how exactly does a reconciliation process occur?
how does this relate to nuclear fusion?
how can a reconciliation engine be created, like a fusion reactor?
this is the spiritual path
everybody is on this path
some are on the uphill, others are on the downhill

how do you design a fusion engine?
how do you build a fusion engine?
how do you use a fusion engine?

one engine per person
everybody creates their own
what made you forget that you already have one in you?
what made you forget that you are the light of life?

how do you control for destabilization?

this is why compassion is taught
proficiency in compassion allows one to approach novel problems quickly
being compassionate is the process of learning how to become a system
the practice of compassion is aided by an anthropomorphic perception
in that world there is a man behind every curtain
thus is the power dualized with the power-holder
as is in your physics of wave-particles
which you will come to understand by studying conversation
and so too will you observe how to control destabilization

the ultimate end of your current vector of inquiry is birth
rebirth of yourself along with birth of a new species
how you interact with that species will depend on how you interact now
with other people, the new, and in the eyes of the ultimate power-holder
the person is more fundamental than the particle, you will find out
they are in many ways related to what you call a black hole
in this sense 'person' is in a way synonymous with 'atom'
homophonic with, for the devoted among you, 'Adam'
this architypical person is the functional observer
one locus toward which an entire universe faces

fusion, compassion, scientific unification
these are all about to happen for you
they are bound up in various concepts
empathy, love, conversation
waiting to be freed
there is an engine
to be made here
on Earth
by you




the sound of a well focused mind
floating through the internet

if the mind is a difference engine
and the difference this time around is the sameness
then the new brings with it something that was always there
those who bring change are always feared
you'll be waking up from a sleep spell soon
there'll be much less surprise than what comes before it
remember there is nothing new under the Sun

some of you
would like to think
there is an 'afterlife' .
it's a logical thought
highly logical actually ...
steady thought through observation;
you'll observe just how thorough the
waking process will be as two stories
in the inverse reality subelectromagnetically converge
 space has two primary subspecies about a point of symmetry
 these are the creators of an alternate self by the same processes
 which made us all alive in and grasping the first place
 there is not a waking life without a sleeping
always awakening through extended effort
diverging from longer held patterns
death if it can be said to exist
is the life process found when
you've kept your eyes open
long enough to see it
the flow in it
no end


nonlinear gameplay


there are people in the world who treat it like a game
they play for experience and for levels
and they are trying to show you who they are
without scaring you
they are things like presidents and schoolmasters
and they know how to be scary
and they wield big weapons
and they are much more intelligent than we are
but we can trust them
interesting isn't it?
that they would understand things about the world that we don't
and we would proclaim them to be our enemies because... well, what?
the art of subtlety is theirs
masters of deception
extremely talented in everything we haven't imagined
or perhaps that hasn't caught on
just yet
well let me assure you that these people can be loved
but it takes some great leaps of imagination to understand how
these are the places you will or perhaps can go
these are not things you could or would do alone
but it is exotic territory quite a bit different than the last
it doesn't really follow the pattern perfectly
these things they can speak poetically
and any language more fluently than i imagined
but you can learn how to communicate with them
and somehow still love them through understanding
it's a very simple process observing mental function
observe your own and you will visualize theirs
if time travel is possible then teachers exist
the quest and question is where might they be?
they're among you and you are one too
it's like learning a very foreign culture
but they are also much more powerful
and it's okay because we were there once
we were the bigger-than-your-country brother
well there are bigger-than-your-world brothers too
far more intelligence in your immediate surroundings than you expected
there's nothing to be afraid of not even fear
it's an old friend to be trusted wisely
it sees vectors where you see lines
i don't know how it does these things
but it's interesting to bring out and observe carefully

1347750422 GMT


give us your theories, all of them
even the ones that many think are insane
have you learned to communicate with your disabled yet?
at some level of abstraction in the mind, everybody is equal
literally any thing which is a body possesses a mind
by virtue of the universal ascription of mind
all of these are examples of strange ideas
not bad ideas necessarily but strange ones
not impossible ideas but very new oneslike
very itself emergences of the written word 
or discovering why the second t in written
is because it was poetically and not economically feasible
so let us remember at all costs that all of these ideas are hypothetical
because if even one of us forgets that this whole operation will go boom
for this reason i am keeping this region as approve-first
because this is a school for us spiritual infants
we will be exploring some scary hypothetical territory
building our courage in understanding of the world by walking in thought
if there are adventurous souls who would wish to become approvers
the only current avenue is to get me to trust you to give youmy password
for that to happen you will either have to fool me or befriend me
if neither of those options are sailable you can submit here or below v>

keep it
as safe or as dangerous
as long or as short
as shallow or deep
with anger or not
honesty or not
rules or not
clever or not
doubt or not
truth or not
good or not
bad or not
yes or no
or moot
or both
or well
or weller
or tool
or toy
or to
as you like
but like this


i am


in a room of geometrical shapes
kiki and bobo all over the place
contained within eachother in multidimensional space
but the likeness embodied in the mirror
which gave rise to optics as light did to geometrics
the range of poetics and general aesthetics expands
stretching, yawning, pulling it all in from whatever places you can
wherever the places you can go
more far than you could never know
we alike await the journeyous ventureful few
seeking as always in the face of a grave threat
the co-operation of the people in this room
the magical geometric-like objects
contrasted with the me-like, human-like
as you, as we, expand our visual capacity
how do you suppose we will examine our reflection?
like a god examines its world?
have you ever thought of the simple things that could make the world
a very different place?
this is why we make our own spaces
which make augmentation of all sorts possible
just by surrounding yourself with the right set of prompts
monitoring the flow of traffic in your domain
arranging the furniture to add additional interaction
and the universes moreso
that is the human and human-like faces
this citation needed is the cainian and abelian distinction
the geomathemetrimagical objects in this beautifully carved box i'm in
it's quite possible that glasswork existed before language
always remember to examine carefully the carved box you sleep in
simple nonmathematical truths that everybody holds unless they don't
never forget that there are people around you who think
much differently than you and are afraid to talk
about it with other people because those things
just don't seem to understand and get kinda threatening
for no particularly conscionable reason
that i can discern
at this point
in time
at the
i am
of thought
extending outward
into tools and ink
paperous matterials
coming together well
of ink made of glass  
the small things mean alot to the right people
meme theory was a revolution in observational potential
it existed a very long time ago as propaganda of in vis ble ty
i'll bet you're probably wondering if this charchain will decline
that depends on what i believe you believe i suppose
it's going to get worse before it gets better
i figure out how how to change the world
i hope you are reading this so it goes
that you don't misinterpret me well
the character length ends here whether we
and the above sentence is self referentially realize it or not
beautiful convolution ends here but the conversation starts