what is love? - raamah

רעמה -ă-măh

what is love?


'What is love? What does it mean to the individual, to mankind, to the universe? Are humans too selfish to experience "true love"?' - anon

if you could have the most interesting artifact all to yourself
at the cost of never seeing another person again in your life
or you could have a whole world full of interesting people
but never interact with another object again forever
which one would you choose and why is this bs?

definition games take many flavours
love is a fully flexible thing

i could ask: is this love?
to everybody i come upon

does this count as the
thing you call love?

love is a weapon
it's technology

as an action
it is the
of a state
obtained through
perfect love
is perfect

the hand loves the other hand
the foot loves the other foot

love is what the hand does with the steering wheel and feet with pedals
love is what the fingers do with the keyboard
love is skillful craftsmanship
love is fluency between things

the potential for love exists between all people
the potential to see all things as people exists in you

love to the individual is the love of the individual
love to mankind is love of mankind
love to any mindstate is love of that mindstate
whatever it sees as its ideal likeness

selfishness is one path to love
through the universe one sees themselves
through loving the self one loves the whole world
because the self would not exist as it does without all other things

the only magical weapon is the willingness if not desire to change

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